Project scope statement

Project scope statement

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What is the purpose of the scope statement produced during the Define Scope process of planning the project?

Definition of Project scope is the most critical factor when considering project necessities. It is essential for those that provide service to define scope project so as to effectively enter into conformity with the client. A Projects Scope summarizes the work that shall be done as part of the project as well as what shall not be done as part of the existing project. Moreover, the projects scope provides an initiative to the services provider over the anticipated projects cost. Hence, profit margins of the service provider’s are completely reliant on the accurateness of the definition of project scope (Wysocki, 2004).

The project scope statement states the projects objectives and the goals that should be met are successful. One may define project scope by identifying ones objectives, goals, subphases, tasks, resources, scheduling and budget. Defining the project scope summarizes the projects limitation and spells out what is to be excluded. The Scope Statement project is the product definition action of the project scope.

The purpose of project scope statement includes the following.

It acts as a factor to the baseline that shall be used to assess whether the demand for change or more work falls in or out of the scope of the project. It helps to bring stakeholders onto the same page within their expectations by providing a general understanding of the project scope Project scope statement explains the work required to make deliverables and the deliverables and it is used to make a WBS, which helps in the development of the project. It acts as a channel for the project team to perform supplementary in-depth planning, when required, and to carry out work during project implementation (Vargas, 2008).


The main purpose of scope definition process is to create a comprehensive description of the project and the product. The most significant thing to understand about this process is that it creates the Project Scope Statement


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