Proposal Presentation for Group Project

Proposal Presentation for Group Project

This is a group assignment – all contributing group members will earn the same grade.

DEADLINE: This assignment is due at 11:59pm on the day before Lab 15. “Submit” your presentation on Teams by mentioning your professor’s name in the chat for the recording and including a note that this is the final recording (see video on D2L about how to record your presentation).

What to include in your presentation

The presentation explains your project proposal (what you put in the Proposal Worksheet) in a short (< 7 minutes) video with narration over PowerPoint slides.

Title slide. Begin with one opening slide that has the title of your proposal, the names of your group members, the class name, and the date.

Background information to introduce your study topic – no more than three slides. Provide the relevant background information to establish the goal of your proposed study and why that goal is worth investigating. The most interesting presentations start with a big picture topic to capture the audience’s attention, much like the introduction to a scientific paper. Cite any resources you referenced using CSE format.

Prediction(s) – one slide. Clearly describe your specific prediction(s) and the logic behind them. Use bullet points instead of writing out all the text! Cite the resources referenced using CSE format.

Explanation of study design – no more than two slides. Present the design of your study so that it is clear what you would do and how you would do it. Include pictures or diagrams to make the design easier to visualize and more engaging. The goal is to give a clear overview of the study design, not to explain every step of your procedure. Cite any resources you referenced using CSE format.

Graph(s) of expected results – one to two slides. Share the graph(s) you made of your expected results. Your graph(s) should be made in Excel, formatted appropriately, and have a complete scientific figure title.

References slide – one slide. Include a slide with a references section for all of the sources you cited in the presentation. References should be in CSE format.

How to give your presentation

Practice your presentation. Practice on your own and as a group as many times as it takes to make sure your final recording is great! You must practice at least once as a group before recording the final version.

Contribute to your presentation. Every group member must contribute to the presentation. If you do not have a reliable microphone, join Teams using a phone to record your audio. Credit can only be earned for presentations with clear audio.

Record your presentation. Your presentation cannot be longer than seven minutes. Watch the video on D2L to see how you can use your Teams channel to record someone’s shared screen showing the PowerPoint slides.

Grading Criteria

Presentation Content

Point value Points earned

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Convincingly relates the proposal topic to a broad “big picture” topic of interest 1.5 Information is focused, relevant to the study, and effectively organized 1 Study goal is clearly stated 0.5 PREDICTION(S) Study prediction(s) logically follows from the background information provided 2.5 Prediction(s) is clearly stated 1 STUDY DESIGN Clearly introduces the overall approach (e.g., what the treatments are, etc.) 0.75 Summarizes how the treatments will be established 1 Summarizes what will be measured and how it will be measured 1 Information is focused, relevant to the study, and effectively organized 0.75 GRAPH(S) OF EXPECTED RESULTS Graph(s) clearly explained, and patterns are consistent with the prediction(s) and study design 1.5 Graph(s) is professionally formatted 0.75 Graph(s) has complete figure title that matches the template we have been using 0.75 CITATIONS & REFERENCES References at least two approved scientific sources 1 Citations and references are formatted correctly using CSE style 1 PRESENTATION CONTENT TOTAL 15 Presentation Style

Point value Points earned

Presentation lacks typos and other grammatical or usage errors 1 Presentation style is formal (e.g., words not simply read off slides, evidence of practice, scientific terms used appropriately, etc.) 1.5 Slides are well-made (e.g., not text-heavy, colors not distracting, visuals are informative, uses pictures effectively, not repetitive) 2.5 Presentation is clear (e.g., clean audio recording, slides easy to read, etc.) 1.5 Appropriate presentation timing (e.g., fits within the seven-minute time limit, no sections too long or rushed) 1.5 Everyone contributed equally to the presentation and Q&A session 1 Questions posted for your group were thoughtfully answered, demonstrating your understanding of the research topic 1 PRESENTATION STYLE TOTAL 10