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Psychology Assignment

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Psychology Assignment

Supporting family members and loved ones is crucial in beating a cocaine addiction. In addition to staging an intervention and enrolling a loved one in rehab, there are numerous things friends and family can do to aid in the fight against cocaine addiction and maintaining sobriety. When someone you care about is addicted to cocaine, it is possible that they do not realize there is even a problem or that treatment is required, and as a result, they may not seek assistance on their own. Families may have to persuade their loved ones that they need help to turn things around. Cocaine and other drugs have been shown to interfere with the normal thinking processes of humans, making it difficult for such people to comprehend the need for change, not only for their own mental and physical well-being but also for the benefit of others in their immediate environment. A person’s loved ones and family members are in the ideal position to recognize when a person has an issue with cocaine abuse (Team, 2022). (Anything about John???? You need to talk about John in the introduction. Your main ideas are missing. What will you develop in the subsequent paragraphs?).

One of the most crucial things that John’s family members should remember to keep in mind when confronting John about his cocaine addiction is that they should remember to be sympathetic and compassionate. John’s family must make it clear to him that they will always be there to back him up in his efforts to beat his addiction and that they recognize and understand that overcoming addiction is a battle that will not be easy to win. Besides, John’s family should remind him that they will be there for him at every stage of therapy, even if he relapses while in treatment. John, who is abusing cocaine, would benefit much by hearing words of encouragement and having the weight lifted off his shoulders (Editorial Staff, 2022).

In addition, John’s family can deal with John’s issue of cocaine addiction by staging an intervention. An intervention is a gathering of a person’s friends, family, and loved ones that are typically prepared secretly without the participation of the individual battling substance misuse or addiction (Staff, 2022). During this meeting, family members generally bring up particular actions and events that illustrate how the individual’s drug misuse has impacted them personally. For example, the session may focus on how the individual’s failure to pay child support. An individual addicted to cocaine, or any other drug should be encouraged to voluntarily check themselves into a rehabilitation center as the primary objective of an intervention. Furthermore, John’s family can deal with John’s issue of cocaine addiction by trying to avoid using language that stigmatizes him or his cocaine addiction and not blaming him for his addiction. To the best of their abilities, they have to make an effort to communicate with him as if he were afflicted with some other disease (Editorial Staff, 2022).

Moreover, John’s family can deal with his issue of cocaine addiction by helping to prevent relapse into cocaine consumption by watching for warning triggers and signs that may have led to John’s consumption of cocaine in the past. John’s family should ensure that he stays away from old friends and activities that could have triggered him to start using cocaine. Besides, John’s family and friends may also help by ensuring that he attends all scheduled appointments (Staff, 2022). Also, John’s family can consider restoring a healthy family dynamic by considering family counseling and education, which will help to ensure that every family member understands their role in John’s recovery.


In conclusion, According to Editorial Staff (2022 Citation needs to be in APA format), addiction is generally accepted as a persistent form of brain illness that may sometimes relapse. Even if your loved one chooses to start using drugs on their own will in the beginning, it will be complicated for them to kick the habit once the changes in their brain take effect (Please reread sentence and rephrase). Therefore, family members should make it clear that they do not want to see their loved ones in pain and inquire whether they would be open to receiving assistance. If they disagree immediately, family and friends should not blame themselves; instead, they should give it some time and ask them again. Besides, when engaging with someone who could have a cocaine addiction, it is crucial to put your needs first and resist the temptation to let the drug take over your life. Seek quick, professional aid if a family member or close friend poses a threat to themselves or others. Your conclusion should be about John and you can extend to others in one sentence. You need to apply your knowledge to John.


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