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Public Health

Public health and medical care are very essential to the life of the people. However, there is a difference between the two even though they both work together towards ensuring that the population is health and that it is safe. Public health officers ensure that that society and communities in which they live in are healthy, take in healthy food and they are living healthy lives (American Public Health Association, 2020). Their work includes educating the public about the different things they are supposed to do in order to live healthy lives, making diet programs for schools, teaching people how to prevent certain diseases and generally healthy living which constitutes such things like exercise, nutrition and cleanliness. On the other hand, medical care is the kind of care that is found in the hospital. This is whereby the doctors and nurses are and these specialize in treatment of diseases. When a person is brought to them having a disease they diagnose and treat that disease.

Apart from the effort by public health officials and Medicare care officers towards making sure that the population is safe, the ten great public health achievements have been a key factor in making sure that the health of Americans is at its best. Vaccination is the very first public health achievement and that has had a positive impact among the Americans as a lot of children have been vaccinated since then and the vaccinations play a very big role in the prevention of diseases. This means that children are given the power to fight several diseases through vaccination when they are young and I was one of these children. This has incredibly affected my life and those of other Americans in a positive way. Another improvement that has been made in the health sector is the health and safer foods. This means that the food that is available for consumption is very healthy and good. Healthy foods automatically translate into a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. This is an essential part of everyday life among the Americans and because of this so many diseases have been fought off.

The third aspect of public health achievement that has been effective and good is the effective family planning. When families have access to this very important tool and having a wide range of choice, they actually live a healthier and better life. This means that the mother is able to access all the necessary care when they are pregnant and they are able to access medication and space their children better as well as decide on the number of children they want to have based on their resources. This has affected me positively because my parents managed to plan themselves very well and therefore my siblings and I have managed to get almost everything we needed.

In effort to make the community healthier and better the best possible career I would choose is the health educator. I like interacting with people of different kinds and I like educating people. This means that if I become a health educator, I can actually educate people o the best practices on maintaining and improving health which is to their advantage because they will not spend a lot of time and money in hospitals. To achieve this, I would enroll under the department of Environmental and Occupational Health (which also includes Social and Behavioral Health) (, 2019). This would help me understand the society and gain knowledge on how to help my community into being healthier by educating them.

In conclusion Baton Rouge area foundation would have made very positive impact on my life and my family as I was growing up. This is because with the organization it would have become easier to live a healthy life. It would have made this possible by making sure that my parents received proper education about healthy living and that family planning was made available.


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