Public Speaker





Case study: Four Skills you Need to Master to become a Great Public Speaker

Public speaking is an art of presenting or performing a speech to a live audience. A skilled and eloquent public speaker can also be called an orator. According to Weisman, a leadership and communications expert, there are four important characteristics of a good professional public speaker.


A good presenter should focus on providing value to the audience. This can be done by;

Researching and identifying interests and background knowledge of the audience.

Speak about the subjects and topics that the audience can relate to and are most interested. Address the audience from their perspective.

Inform the listeners about the objectives of the presentation.

Maintain a simple flow of ideas while offering examples that would relate with the audience.

Good delivery skills

Delivery skills are important when reinforcing points and engaging the audience.

A good presenter should:

Maintain a good body posture, with the feet slightly apart in a firm position.

Neutralize hand movements by keeping them relaxed at your sides. Using gestures also increases the listener’s engagement.

Maintain an equal eye contact with everyone in the audience.

Improve and maintain voice clarity by opening the mouth a bit wider.


A good presenter should be a great story teller with the ability to speak to and not at the audience. A good speaker must:

Connect stories with learning points relevant to the audience based the presentation.

Set a vivid context that shows the details and flow of ideas.

Improves some of the details to make the story more interesting and engaging.

Keep the story short.

Good presenter are patient

Give the audience a brief moment to reflect on key points and statements.

Create a discussion with the audience by asking reflective questions.

Take time to explain your points in details.

Clarify on misunderstood points.