Q1 Air Cargo with the pandemic

Q1 Air Cargo with the pandemic

As much as the air transport for passengers has been affected, the opposite is observed in the cargo transport sector. This is due to the high demand for medical supplies, commerce, and other productsResearch done by the International Air Transport Association and other associations shows a high flow of goods as compared before and after the attack of the pandemic. This has influenced different sectors differently as the passenger’s sector has experienced a great drop on their side of the business for example the Lufthansa Cargo.

With the lay off of passengers flight, the cargo flights became strained due to their high demand which resulted in high rates but still, analysis shows that there is very to almost no passengers flights as current.

To create space, expensive alternatives have been employed such as Emirates Sky Cargo to cover for the shortage of cargo flights and passengers flights to cargo flights conversion have also been used to cater for the shortage.

In the Oder to be able to manage the situation in the future, the lanes have to learn to have quick response strategies in place, adopt digitized methods for monitoring and forward tracking preparations. As per current flights are working towards improving their flights for flexibility.Q2 RAIL CARLOADS

According to the research done by the Association of America Railroads, it shows that over time some commodities can gain profits like coal while some tend to a loss like grain. This is a result of challenges faced by the transport means like congestion at the port, shortage of truck drivers, insufficient warehouses, and many others that affect other supply chains.

Some rail companies are trying to employ digital systems to manage both orders as well as deliveries to their customers. This is enabling the companies as well as the clients to have a clear view of their orders as well as the scheduled delivery period.

The rail department is also working hard to gain cooperation with other stakeholders to at least curb if not minimize some of the challenges faced. This will minimize congestion at the ports and lack of warehouse for goods storage.