Question 13

Question 13

An individual is defined by their appearance, especially through the way one chooses to dress. In most cases, people have freedom to be who they are and express the same through clothing. However, social pressures limit the ability of a person to fully self-express. The discussion highlights instances of restricted clothing that are used as a form of social control. For example, prison rules on clothing are meant to create a new identity for prisoners. By creating a certain dress code, authorities in different areas of the society intend to control people. These social requirements on dressing are very restrictive. Since people create their individual identities through their appearance, restrictive clothing kills individual identity. Such scenarios are exemplified by fascist cultures that require women to dress in a specific way. Overall, clothing is important because they not only allow a person to create an identity, but also to reveal this identity to others in the society.

Question 14

Clothes are not just the garments I wear but the intended and unintended modification to my appearance. I believe that the many definitions of identity must include the organized set of features that reveal various aspects who I am. The clothes I wear is a way to communicate my identity including gender, race, sexuality, religion, and other factors including social class. Therefore, I find that my appearance is reflective of my personal and social identity, aspects that are revealed by the way I present myself to others through my clothing and sense of dressing.

Clothes are what I do to my body in order to maintain, regulate, and change my outward look. I define dressing as the act of putting on clothes as well as taking certain measures to improve my own appearance. I use my dressing to create an identity in line with where I am and how I want to be identified. I usually dress and act differently in response to my circumstances or situations depending on whether or not my identity is dominant in the setting. This is a revelation of the fact that my identity is negotiated.

From my own experience, I think my own identity is continually negotiated and changed depending on the social context rather than being static. In particular, as a person who identify with a number of marginalized identities, my dressing must always show each of the identities I bear. My appearance reflects my personal and social identity because it reveals to people who I am or what I want them to know about me through my dressing.

In a way, my own appearance affects my personal identity because physical appearance is the initial and a lasting impression others get of me. I want people to perceive me exactly as I see fit. For example, when meeting a client, I want him/her to see my seriousness by dressing formally and professionally. I make sure that I always dress in a manner that communicates my identity so that what I see myself to be is also reflected in how the society perceives me.

In summary, there is a deep connection between clothing and the creation of an identity. Clothes not only create an identity to others but also to the individual. Without a doubt, the clothes I wear and how I wear them is a modification of my identity to conform to various situations. After all, I am what I wear and how I present myself to others.

Question 15

Doc Martens is an example of a product that has come to represent symbolic meaning in either conforming or rebelling against norms.

Question 16

Inability to speak a language causes confusion, is frustrating, and embarrassing.

Question 17

According to a recent census, more than 67 percent of the workforce is employed in agriculture, 15 percent are factory workers, and 18 percent in services.

Question 18

After reading all the explanations and completing all the exercises, you will be a better writer.

Question 19

The results of racism will always be negativity, unfairness, and injustice.

Question 20

In order to succeed in this economy, small businesses must show creativity, innovation, and flexibility.

Question 21.

Susana baby-sits for her neighbor who has five children.

Question 22.

The girls living next door are really nice.

Question 23.

My sister’s son just went away to college making her feel lonely

Question 24

The company’s headquarters are in Boston with offices overseas.

Question 25

I don’t know when the meeting was scheduled.

Question 26

She wants to know whether I should send the letter

Question 27

Mark Twain loved industrial inventions but he lost a fortune investing in them

Question 28

Relaxation can be difficult to learn so some people do seek help.

Question 29

Teachers don’t like it when you read while they are trying to teach and especially when don’t like it when you talk while they are teaching.

Question 30

Joshua pleaded with his mother but she would not give him any money.

Question 31

Mark Twain was one of the first three people in his city to own a telephone but there was practically no one to talk to so he never really liked this new gadget.

Question 32

The wind was blowing so hard that the tree in our front yard fell over.

Question 33

It is difficult and expensive to travel to the Arctic Circle but worth the effort.

Question 34

Since our guests had arrived, we decided not to leave the house.

Question 35

The train took us an hour but Peter drove and arrived in thirty minutes.

Question 36

Severally, I went to the front desk requesting our room be given maid service without success.

Question 37

As the sun sank lower in the sky, the colors gradually faded.

Question 38

Eating pizza or anything with tomato sauce in it makes me feel ill.