‘Part of the process by which the ideal body of femininity— and hence the feminine body— is constructed; in doing this, they produce a ‘practiced and subjected body’ […] a body on which an inferior status has been inscribed” (Bartky 1988: 71). Critically evaluate this statement and discuss with reference to the readings, 1-3 examples/ case studies, theories, concepts, debates and histories introduced on the unit.


Introduction provides the background of the discussion

2.0 The History of Society and Femininity

Explains the historical context of the discussion

3.0 Feminist Theory

Explains the theoretical perspectives of the position of women in society

4.0 Feminism and Power

Gives the dimensions by the various feminists on the construction of a woman and contribution of culture and norms in the process

4.1 Approaches of Phenomenological Feminists

4.2 Approaches of Radical Feminist

4.3 Approaches of Social Feminists

5.0 Gender is Socially Constructed

Provides a detailed demonstration on how the woman is constructed to have inferior inscription

5.1 Gender Socialization

5.2 Gender as Masculine and Feminine Personality

5.3 Gender as Masculine and Feminine Sexuality

6.0 Conclusion

7.0 References