The core marketing problems to be addressed

3. The core marketing problems to be addressed

Lack of funds

Since some of the activities of the organization depends on financial backing, there is a need for the company to look for ways that they can supplement or improve their budget. One way to do this is by forming partnerships with other organizations that seem to share the same idea as theirs. Through this, companies can save money while at the same time, reaching a broader scale of beneficiaries; in this case, more immigrants can be reached or helped. Also, most of their projects are based on a given set of time. For example, a project seeking to provide financial and psychological help to community members they would need to have a given amount of money for such a project to be achieved. At the same time, there would be more funds for the project to become somehow long-term. Generally, IWM is suffering from a lack of budget, and given the effect of coronavirus expected to be hard, this might even put the organization in a bad situation.

Lack of connections

For an NGO or an organization to function well, most of them rely on network or leads, and this is not different from IWMN. For them to achieve their plan or make significant changes in west Sydney society, they would have to acquire as many leads as possible. In most cases, having a vast network enables the organization to acquire personnel as well as resources. The resources can be in terms of financial backing and raw materials. Considering IWMN is always involved in projects of building houses for the needy in the society, financial support and availability of resources would make a significant difference. One way to acquire leads or connections, the organization should think about rebranding themselves and their website since this would make them appealing, and even if they seek help from potential partners, they would not be turned down. The firm could also partner with different types of organizations with different ideologies provided they are all geared towards bringing changes in the society.

Lack of Time

Marketing helps to grow and organization; hence there is a need for organizations like IWMN to take time with their marketing strategy. For IWMN to extend their role and effectiveness in their society, they would have to consider coming up with the appropriate projects which at the same time, are timely. Through this, they would have made not only an impact on society but also grow their brand. Such marketing strategies or projects could enable the organization to maintain new customers. The organization can identify which task is essential for the organization and the society and delegate the responsibility to the necessary parties or individuals. Adapting to digital trends would also enable the organization to automate their marketing. Despite the organization having to shut down its activities due to the covid-19 pandemic, they can still evaluate and decide which projects are the most vital for society and how would they go about it.