The COVID Pandemic and the Negative Effect on the Economy of the United States of America


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The COVID Pandemic and the Negative Effect on the Economy of the United States of America

The onset of COVID 19 in the United States of America had a significant impact on several organizations ranging from public health, personal business, general business, government organizations, and others (Bauer et al.). Even though several departments were affected, the United States of America’s economy was also significantly affected. The primary factor that made the economy to be affected was because the government ordered all businesses that involved physical activities in being closed with immediate effect. The government order was adhered to by several business owners. One of the government ways of controlling the virus’s spread was by instructing people to maintain social distance. Since most of the business involved physical contact, several individuals lost their jobs.

One of the primary sources of income within the United States of America is through small businesses owned by independent individuals. The private sector entails about half of the majority of the workers within the USA. The individuals involve themselves in activities such as restaurants, barbershops, and others. These organizations are mostly engaged in physical contact between the service providers and the clients.

The pandemic has proven to affect the areas which have activities that involve physical contact. Some countries have been in lockdown, but the virus spread impacts were felt significantly when they resumed ordinary activities. One way the virus has to illustrate to affect countries that resumed their duties was an increase in the number of positive cases in different regions. Countries such as Spain, Netherlands, and Germany were once on national lockdown, but when they resumed their activities, the number of positive cases and deaths increased (“Covid-19: These Countries Have Imposed Second Lockdown”). This made the same countries initiate a second lockdown to control the spread of COVID 19.

A lockdown within a country means that the number of people who are supposed to be within a single place is supposed to be limited to control the spread of the virus. There are activities such as cinemas and others which have been beneficial to the economy of the USA. The closure of these businesses has had a significant impact on the economy of the USA. This is because the dependence on online activities such as shopping has proven to be a drawback to the national economy. The USA’s government is supposed to maintain its ideology of nationwide lockdown because the number of deaths that have already occurred due to COVID 19 is a symbol that indicates that more deaths can occur soon (Power). It is essential to protect the lives of citizens and non-citizens instead of risking them in the name of trying to boost the economy of the country through resuming standard duty.

According to the US economist, the government is supposed to let businessmen owners resume their activities to improve the country’s economy. This is because there are several benefits that the state can gain from if the ideology is implemented. The country’s economy has proven to be dependent on small businesses that are carried out by various individuals within the country (Smith). Ever since the onset of COVID 19 in the US, several individuals have lost their jobs, and several organizations have failed. Some of the organizations that have shut down were essential to the US’s economy, and their absence even when the world will do away with the coronavirus will prove that the US depended on them.

The economy of the United States of America depends on the business that has been failing due to the government’s implementation of national lockdown ideology. Several factors pose an advantage to the government of the USA if the lockdown does not exist. An argument about the reliability of the small business on the USA’s economy is essential since, for several decades, the country has been depending on business as a way of improving the economy (Bar-Yam). It is not logical to open enterprises that are essential to a country to improve the economy. This is because the idea will predispose citizens and business owners to the effects of the coronavirus.

The cost of implementing the lockdown might be high, but it is beneficial for the well-being of the citizens and non-citizens. Suppose the number of deaths increases due to ignorance of the ideology of lockdown. In that case, a country can fail to have influential individuals in the economy who might die from the coronavirus. The virus has proven severely that it can affect anybody who comes to contact it without body protection (“Reaffirming State-People Governance Relationships in a Pandemic”). The benefits of the lockdown can only be felt after the world finds methods of managing the coronavirus. The economists, healthcare workers, and government officials are supposed to work as a team to spread the coronavirus can be controlled. Sometimes, patience is essential in situations such as the ones that the economists think should be implemented with immediate effect.


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