Art Appreciation

CRN 20282 GAH-2012-091

Journal Entry #Week 13 Topic

Name: Jordan Castro



Emil Nolde’s,” The Crucifixion ‘‘ might have not been taken into approval by Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a refute lover of art. This saw him try to get into art school but fail twice. This is maybe what motivated the great ruler of Germany towards his rule. Emil Nolde’s represents a story through his artwork. The crucifixion, in particular, could have been annoyed by individuals who are defended by Nazi. This artwork was the ridicule of the Nazi way and culture. As it depicted their oppression.

Adolf Hitler may have feared art would have spread propaganda about his rule. Through artworks of Emil Nolde’s work might insight Germans to be thoughtful. This might incite feelings of rebellion. Feelings of freedom. This would have resulted in making the citizens less susceptible and would not bend to his whim. The German’s had no freedom of will and art would topple their balance.

Art is a powerful tool. It is therefore not amusing when people try to destroy it as it has a positive effect on people that could threaten their influence. Art holds significant power to the expression of freedom and rights. The Artist can use art as a means of passing their message and shunning propaganda being spread by the oppressive Government. To suppress the citizen’s claims, this was done to allow for representation. The art has a great power responsibility and holds a role in representation for feeling and emotion. This can be replicated by just looking at the pictures. This is more than just art, this is the story of the artist and their brushes. This is contrary to my beliefs.

Hitler attacked art and often this was through his exhibitions of shame. The question thereby rises, what was the purpose of having the Degenerative art exhibition. The Degenerative artwork is a number that led to several artists losing their careers. The Nazi condemned artworks and seized many art forms from artists all over Germany. The Degenerate art exhibition was a display of art to relay the message towards Hitler and his army. It was an art and a medium of which knowledge can be passed. The art helps artists to bond over with their audience. This is to make them reach out and inform the public. In a time of harsh relations and persecution, they were hoping. The Degenerate Art Exhibition was a chance for artists to showcase painting s that wowed the masses.

The artworks in the topic are related to the public. These works are narrative of the artists. This is even seen in the culture influence Art has Art serves an important role in the culture of communities. It is a representation of our live hood and a way of living. The artwork tells our individual stories and helps us to understand the aspects. Art affects human nature. The artworks of the topic, in general, each have an emotion attached to it. This emotion carries a message along with it that is relayed onto people.


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