The disciplines of Engineering, Math, Science and Technology are the four feet on which any successful economy stands





The disciplines of Engineering, Math, Science and Technology are the four feet on which any successful economy stands. Careers in these disciplines provide a country with the groundwork and the competence required to provide any meaningful growth in the social, political and fiscal economy of a country. Having set my eyes on the Medical field for a career choice, I have my work clearly cut out upon graduation.

I intend to, upon completion of my degree course, impact on my local community both as a professional and as an inspiration to the emerging youth who aspire to find value for their lives through education. I will participate actively in the community’s social network and activities, avail myself for talk shows on the local community radio where issues touching on the residents and development strategies are discussed. I also intend to put my public speaking skills to proper use by organizing and starring in events for the youth where important aspects such as Career talks, current affairs and issues affecting the youth are discussed. Such programs are effective ways of managing and stamping out delinquency that the young people are prone to. Youth Empowerment is an important tool for economic growth as it enables them to realize their capabilities and channel them into activities that are beneficial.

As a professional, together with likeminded individuals, am looking to set up a mobile clinic in my locality that will subsidize the health needs of the residents. Aside from responding to such needs, the clinic will be tasked with providing educational services such as tutorials and practical drills on identification of health risks, preventive measures, survival skills and response to emergency situations. This venture is projected to see to it that the locality is a safe place to live in and do business, whichever that may be.

I have chosen the medical field for a career choice, majoring on Physical Therapy Assistance in my degree program; this will give me the chance to impact on the lives of many people, particularly those clamped down by illness or those who may find it difficult to see themselves through the pressures of life. I believe my time at Keiser University has provided me with what is required to succeed in this field. It has imparted on me the ideals of professionalism and the knowledge that make a successful Physical Therapist. The community at Keiser provides an individual student with a learning environment that encourages overall development. At the Medical Department, where I ascribe to, there are facilities and resources adequate see a student through the whole degree program. As well, the department boasts a qualified personnel and Professors with a reputation for churning out graduates who are effective in the field of work. The University’s career Expo is an important event where students get Information on their chosen Professional path, giving them a peak into what is required of them in the actual field. Students also get to learn how to compete effectively.