The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Resume Writing

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I read Robert Half’s blog, ‘The Dos and Don’ts of Resume Writing,” on the website. I focused on the section on aspects that make a resume sparkle. I read through this section to get tips on making a resume stand out to prospective employers. I also looked through the Open Colleges website for information on what one should avoid when writing a resume. While here, I browsed the “The DON’T for your Resume” section and clicked through points one to three to familiarize myself with the gravest mistakes I can commit when drafting my resume.

When writing a resume, one is usually pitching themselves to the hiring manager as the best fit for the advertised position. It is therefore important to observe the following do’s and don’ts that are bound to make a resume sparkle. The most important thing is the need to customize a resume every time one makes a job application. Job seekers need to know there is power in tailor-making each resume, so it matches the expertise of the position. Another secret is proofreading and proofreading your application to resolve any mistakes and typos. One can ask a colleague or friend to look through the application for them as it is easier for fresh eyes to catch errors (Half, 2022). The third strategy involves giving your referees a heads up. It is essential to contact your referees and let them know ahead of time to expect an email or call regarding you. When writing a resume, one should avoid including damaging or irrelevant information such as the number of children and marital information. Employers don’t need to know too much about their employers. Moreover, job seekers should not forget to include their updated contact information. Some job seekers fail to update the contact information on their resumes whenever they change their phone numbers or email addresses. Updating contact information makes it easier for employers to track down potential employees. Also, job seekers should not use an unprofessional email address to apply for a job. Rather, they should have an email address that portrays an excellent image to the prospective employer.


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