The essay presents what exactly entails what is constituted in the work of criminal investigators although it does not touch

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Response to Tish Browder

The essay presents what exactly entails what is constituted in the work of criminal investigators although it does not touch on scope of their work and their job risks. It is indeed true that criminal investigators who are also known as special agents do their best to protect both peoples’ lives and property through careful gathering of evidence and facts for criminal cases through reporting or keeping records of incidences they come across (Stelfox, 2009). Criminal investigators’ functions hugely depend on where they work such as local, State or Federal agency as well as their occupational specialty even though report writing and keeping detailed records is similar amongst detectives. Some of the examples of crimes that criminal investigators may engage in are homicide, drug trafficking, terrorism, espionage and fraud cases. Criminal investigators are always committed in accomplishing their work until either the case is dropped or arrest made (Becker & Dutelle, 2013). Because finding the truth is always very hard, criminal investigators are normally prepared for different life threatening situations that can see them suffering or even kill them. Finding the truth may at times need some suffering.

Response to Jack WadelAttending to a call or listening to the voice of Christ is very important because it is the only way of discovering one’s purpose. Most people wonder and do not settle in anything simply because they do not follow their purpose in life, something that make them waste a lot of time (Knox, 2012). Young people have been brought up to believe that to gain dignity, money, and success, they must pass in their college examination and get good jobs. Students go to college with good motive but later change because there are always some distractors that change the notion. Edmundson (2011) argues that some of the distractors are partying, going to clubs, music, friends, and sports. Students should be academically empowered in college instead of being triggered by the need to have dignity and riches. The society however has put money, wealth, and dignity ahead of everything thus making it hard to convince the students who are also part of the society to focus on the need to be educated (Edmundson, 2011). Considering that, a school is as a path followed by students to acquire jobs is misleading because very little attention is paid to the content of education.

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