The Gay-Marriage Conundrum

The Gay-Marriage Conundrum

The issue is a sticky one and for some time has been a source for heated debate and divided the American society right in the middle.People who choose gay marriage have according to this editorial article attained tremendous success in court cases. With supreme ruling in favour of gay marriage the stage is set for our society to inevitably head for nationwide situation where gay couples will demand their rights. In making their ruling cases from Idaho and Nevada, the Supreme Court judges said “when same-sex couples are married, just as when opposite couples are married, they serve as models of loving commitment to all” (The Washington times).Indeed what gay individuals want is an affirmation by society that their predilections are just as correct as those who are straight. Such a kind of honor the article noted that it cannot be conferred by judges.

Nevertheless,to me this editorial article takes a libertarian freedom based argument that seems to favour the choices of individuals against the greater societal moral fabric. It is true that every individual has a constitutional right to freedom and privacy but I believe individuals should at least conform to the society’s moral standards. This kind of marriage is against family institution where marriage involves the union of a man and a woman with the intention of raising a family. What the gays and lesbians get in the court triumphs is recognition and acceptance but their choices remain to be unethical.

I am therefore against gay marriage for a number of reasons. Firstly the union between a man and woman is supported by religion and is deeply rooted in the fabric of life. God created the woman as the man’s helper and that why a family is headed by a father who is assisted by the mother and the two raise children together. Marriage between individuals of the same sex is thus against the moral standards of society, religious teachings traditions & secular and for a long time the law. Gay persons may win court battles therefore, but a war will continue; that of protecting the institution of marriage.

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