This paper is based on a research of the greenhouse effect; the paper will describe what the greenhouse effect is and will also discuss more issues on the greenhouse effect and the environment.

Many people have become quite aware and concerned about the environment that they live in in the near past, there has been conflict between groups of people, the environmentalists claim that the industrialists are releasing too much carbon dioxide into the environment and hence the conflict. the question is still to be answered, Can the activities of human beings harm the environment that they live in? That question may have varying answers, but the best way to answer it is that it all depends on the type of human activities being performed in that place. Other factors also include the duration of time that the activities are being performed and their harm.

Consider the case of carbon dioxide, this is a gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere, it is not considered harmful due to its natural existence which makes up a considerable percentage of the air. It doesn’t matter the amount of carbon dioxide that you release in the atmosphere, you may not see its damage.

However there are groups of people who have come against the release of the gas to the atmosphere. They have called for reduction of the amount of gas released to the atmosphere. This is where the greenhouse effect comes in, carbon dioxide has no toxic effects, and however it has effect on the energy in the atmosphere.

This is how the gas has effect on the atmosphere.

Carbon dioxides effect also known as the greenhouse effect is the effect of heat retention on the earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide retains the heat in the earth’s atmosphere by absorbing it after it is released by the earth. Heat comes from the sun; it passes through the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because the gas is transparent. The heat comes as radiation and passes the gasses in the atmosphere, it is absorbed by the earth, the earth in turn gives back the radiation in a different form, and this is the radiation that is absorbed by the gas.

The cause for alarm by the organizations that have risen complains is that a small change in the average earth’s temperature may have huge impact on the climate. A good example of foreseeable impact if the average earth’s temperature increases is that the worlds icecaps in both the north and South Pole might melt up, this will in turn have huge changes geographically.

With all can also not prove has on the atmosphere, they this, it is not easy to solve the question and the effect of the gas currently. The scientists have no way of proving the actual effect that the gas on the earth’s atmosphere, it is also not possible to prove that the gas has effect on the water in the ocean. It may take a long time before all this is solved and proven.

Other greenhouse gases include

Nitrous oxide N2O

Methane CH4

Water Vapor H2O g

The release of the gas should be reduced because we need to save the earth, however we can continue releasing the gas to conduct our daily activities because no proven effect is known.


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