The Growing Trends of Ecstasy

The Growing Trends of Ecstasy

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The Growing Trends of Ecstasy

Drug abuse has emerged a growing trend in the modern society where a wide variety of people are misusing them, especially at teenage. Young people are commonly involved in the misuse of these illicit drugs cannabis mostly being abused while ecstasy has recently risen in the trafficking market. It is all comes for leisure where people believe that drugs help in ceasing stress as well as its causing factors. In this discussion, drug abuse is discussed into a profound extent where ecstasy misuses an alarming problem in the society with regards to why young adults are involved in the illicit behavior as well as postulating the possible measures in curbing its high usage in the community.

The menace of misusing ecstasy is back in the society at a higher frequency than ever before. The issue is disturbing as the drug affects youths grammatically in the name of “feeling high” especially during party events and other related celebrations. It has significantly prompted the importance of carrying out research regarding ecstasy in consideration of the people’s perception as well as having an elaborate understanding of why the youths tend to abuse the drug. Secondary sources were used to get the required data regarding ecstasy abuse in the society. The critical words put in consideration during the research involves high ecstasy abuse among the young adults, the drug’s effects to human health, the attracting elements as well as the procedures to curb its misuse in today’s society.

In this research, three secondary databases are used to acquire relevant information regarding the illicit substance. The scholarly articles used in the survey are vital as they mainly portray the real facts about the drugs into an in-depth extent in consideration of correct data collected in the society. They are essential to understanding the components of ecstasy and its attractiveness towards the young generation as well as its impacts on the users. It is right that people have the eagerness of using the drug to have joyous moments but forgetting about the side effects as well as the risk its misuse can put the user into. The suppliers producing MDMA modeled has returned with a higher intensity with new drug users and packed in higher quantities than before making it much addictive (Petriglieri, et al 2018).

In accordance to the literature review of the used articles, the general issue depicted by the author is the immense regeneration of the ecstasy in the American society today where large numbers of young people are victims of the menace. The first article having the title, the truth about ecstasy briefly talks about the nightmare and imaginary dreams caused by MDMA as well as the instigating it as a fictional love pill. With regards to the research done by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, about five percent of the American civilians above the age of twelve years at one time used ecstasy. It represents an estimate of above twelve million citizens who in a way or the other tried to use the drug in their lifetime. That was back in the year 2007 thus the today the number of the drug users has significantly increased regarding that the MDMA abuse has risen dramatically in the society. The astonishing fact behind the history of ecstasy is that about ninety percent of the people who started using the drug later turn into addicts of other illicit substances such as heroin, cannabis, and cocaine which are a threat to human’s health.

Furthermore, the article portrays ecstasy drug as a love pill which the young people likes using to instigate erotic conducts and also promoting the happy feeling during the nightclubs as well as other young stars ceremonial events. The drug intensifies the sensitivity sound as well as color tending to amplify the sensations when one caress another during romance. The MDMA drug contains hallucinogens that interfere with the individual’s cognitive making one feel and see things that are not in reality. Today the notion of it being a love pill plays the highest role in spreading the ecstasy drug in the society especially among the young generation who end up being lured and taken advantage of their young age. It ends up making people get trapped in a risky situation without their awareness especially at the tender age making the youths have scary and awful experiences (Palamar, et al. 2017). Ecstasy in many instances causes emotional damages where the users are subjected to confusion, regret, and anxiety as well making them suffer from depression psychotic behavior and paranoia among many other psychological related disorders. At the end of this article, the author states that it is right to party with friends as well as attending other ceremonial activities but with the avoidance of using this dangerous drug. Once addicted, it changes the individual’s way of thinking making one see the people advising him or her as idiots who do not know what they are talking about.

The other article regards the act of ecstasy coming back in the substance market where the youths discover it to be the dancing drug during fiestas. The research identifies that the reason behind ecstasy again conventionally regards the creativity of the producers who have who are aggressive in the market as well as interfering with its original content and form. The drug has emerged to be the best choice of the young people not only in the United States but also other nations across the United Kingdom and Europe. The MDMA regeneration has emerged with a style where a new user has been recognized, and the quantity, as well as quality, has been altered adding more toxic contents that interfere with the user’s mind differently. Currently, ecstasy comes in powder and tablets with higher quantity than before hence increasing the effects instigated by the users.

The young generation who were not aware of the drug during the 90s when it had become prominent emerge to be the new ecstasy consumers. During the 1990s the dosage of MDMA was around eighty grams, but today it is made with an average of 125grams while in some countries the super pills are available with the component of about three hundred grams. The distributors are after money while the users are after luxury but the fact remains that the higher the content, the more senior the effects on human health. A high number of people are using ecstasy without a proper understanding of the devastating impacts caused by this drug. Therefore, there is a necessity of thinking about MDMA revival as well as coming up with practical solutions of curbing its existence and reducing the harm it instigates to the users who do not know about its drawbacks.

The last article used in the research involves the trends and the dangers of ecstasy drug use. The author describes the drug as a powerful psychedelic substance that is typically known for bringing into being an extreme state of delight as well as overall openness and calmness to its users. The feeling lasts for about four hours, and the users can experience some side effects such as distress and hallucination. In the United States, ecstasy has been banned, and it is treated as a narcotic substance. Regardless of having some benefits in the medical field, it is not used in any way for medicinal purposes due to its illegalization by the nation’s government. The long-term effects of the MDMA drugs have not been identified, but the short-term negative impacts include depression and anxiety among other psychological disorders. These complications are experienced during its cessation when the feeling great sensation is lessening as the drug becomes weaker.

According to the author of the article, the “coming down” moments on Monday after spending the weekend and the subsequent depressive behavior follows the other days (Nelson & Lenton, 2015). Under the condition of ecstasy influence, the users tend to commit suicide on the following days after its usage which is not the case with the people who does not use the drug. Nowadays, it is evident that the pop culture has intensively prompted the use of MDMA in America where its cynical nature significantly uses the custom ways. There is a high usage of the terms related to ecstasy drug in the social media as well as in the famous songs thus encouraging the audience as well as building the curiosity of using the substance. The young generation like doing a thing in the trending and fashionable way, thus being instigated by these pop singers in the usage of ecstasy as the best drug of bringing about joyous attitude.

Ecstasy is a hazardous and illicit drug in the society that has redeveloped in the community where many people especially the youths make use of MDMA during the partying events. The alarming extensive use of the drug in the society cannot be taken for granted as it damages the youths cognitive. Recently, it has killed quite a good number of people who may find one way or the other experience intensive side effects after its usage (Lovatt, 2017). It is right to associate and party, but in a sound and safer way where one does not expose his or her health to risk. The discussion above gives a profound elaboration of the devastating effects of ecstasy drug to the society where it significantly ruins the well-being of the addicts who are mostly youths as well as exposing them to the introduction of other illegal drugs. Therefore, it is the government’s responsibility to deal with the distributors of MDMA and also the role of civilian’s at the individual level to counsel and guide the young generation to cease from drug abuse.


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