The Highgate Hill

The Highgate Hill


Highgate Hill is interior Brisbane suburb that is located two kilometers in the Southern East of the central part of the city and it overlooks the St.Lucia Reach which is situated at the Brisbane River. Due to the separation of Highgate Hill from the city by the Brisbane River, several decades passed without houses being built at Highgate Hill. The place was named Highgate Hill by George Wilson who was the first person to have a house at the place. George Wilson’s house was at the top of Bellevue Street. The Dutton Park is dominated with large public cemetery and recreational areas. The cemetery found in Dutton Park is the only surviving cemetery owned by the municipality of Brisbane. West end is an area that contains most of the cities tourist attractions, businesses, entertainment venues and government buildings. The area is known by many as the one amongst the two international centers in London. West End is found in the Central part of London.

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The main economic attraction in the area is the café and restaurant scenes, the shopping centers which are majorly concentrated along the street of Boundary. The area is also has high concentration of organic and grocery stores. Largest farmers’ markets in Brisbane are hosted by Davies Park which is on the riverside. These large markets are held every Saturday and the markets are known as green flea markets. The major means of transportation in the area is water and road. Busses and ferries are used for transportation.

From 1976 till date, an annual festival has been held in West End. The festival is known as Paniyiri Festival. The festival is normally held at the Musgrave Park. The festival is held so as to allow the Greek to share its culture with all the Australia. The festival is the longest running festival for Queensland and Greek in Australia. West end also has variety of art run initiatives and galleries which platform the works done by the local artists. The main game played in these areas is rugby.

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The communities that occupied the area were majorly the Irish, Armenians, Lebanese, Greeks, Italians, Syrians, Lithuanians, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Syrians and the Jews. The Irish were the first community to occupy the area followed by the Jewish. The Jews community started coming to the area when they realized that the number of the Irish entering the area had gone down. As the West End developed a prosperous Irish community, the community became associated with Martin Lomasney. Lomasney took care of the Irish community. The Jews entered the area in the late 19th and 20th century. The Jews mainly came to the area because they were escaping from persecution by the Poland, Poland and Russians. The Jews entered the area in large numbers and were able to become part of the population by 1910.

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Research states that environment is the molder of history. Everything important that human beings have experienced in their lives are due to the influence of the local environment. In this area, all the differences that have led it to prosper are the due to the nature of its local environment. The human progress within the area has been due to the local environment. All the available economic resources have grown due to the accommodative local environment. Many civilizations have taken place within the area because of the influence of the local environment.

A healthy environment is necessary for the flourishing and survival of human beings and other living things. The natural environment of the area is so conducive that is makes it easy for people to live in the area without difficulty and help them carry out their cultural activities in a very smooth way. The parks within the area have highly been used by the young ages for entertainment persons and not the ole age. Young people enjoy going out to the parks for recreational activities and this has lead to bars, cafes and restaurants being built in the area to influence and attract more youths.

The area is generally seen as an area for the young generations. People who have travelled along the water way in the area have admired its beauty. The water way has plenty of fish and the vegetation is very rich therefore making the water way very attractive not only for the people who live within the area but also people from different areas who come to admire the beauty of the water way. The water was majorly used for navigation before the railway line that links the city to other towns was built.

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The main communities that live in the area are the Irish, Jew, Chinese and Greek communities. The relationship of the communities found within the area can be termed as excellent. This is because there is no discrimination between the communities. The communities socialize together in schools, parks, cafés and even restaurants as one family and they work together. Some communities are known for economic activities while others like social activities.

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The textural quality of the area is very big and comprises of several restaurants owned by people from different parts of the world. The first restaurant is the Kingsley Steak and Crabhouse which deals majorly in seafood. Like the Alaskan which is also known as the kings crab in other words. There is also a wine bar know as Moo Moo. This bar is one of the bars that have had an award as the wining chain of dining restaurant. There are several restaurants within the area that offer quality food, recreational activities, drinks, accommodation and many others to their customers.

Most of these restaurants are very big and are located besides that river to bring cool breeze to the visitors or customers who go to the restaurants to have fun. Foods that are majorly prepared at the restaurants are the sea foods which are done in delicious way that the customers enjoy their meals very much. Apart from the restaurants, there are also accommodations available in the same restaurants which make it easier and comfortable for the customers to enjoy themselves and till very late. The textural quality of the area can basically be described as a place that has several restaurants where people go to eat and have fun.

There are several communities or nationalities who own the restaurants therefore foods prepared vary from taste to appearance depending on each community’s way of cooking. Even though most of the foods prepared in the restaurants are sea foods, they are unique in different ways and the sea food can be taken at any time of the day.

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