The History Lesson by Joshua Prager

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The History Lesson by Joshua Prager

If one happens to read the talk done by Joseph Prager on the wisdom we get from authors and writers, you will term this as a type of Ted talk. The author uses different kinds of quotes and references from different kinds of books, scripts, or plays done by another writer to draw a conclusion that will help the current learners analyze the lessons we draw from these kinds of talks.

The author used examples from different authors to give information to the people by emphasizing what the other writers have already talked about (Mason, 1080). The primary audience of the talk was anyone generally interested in poetry and writing, as it is an educative art. In my thoughts, the talk was primarily focused on the people who never understood some aspects displayed by the other authors. Thus they ended up being misunderstood. The author used phrases and quotes from other authors when delivering his message to the audience. Ted talk is one of the best methods of conveying the message as it is highly trusted and understood.

Although the whole talk focuses on the facts drawn from other authors, some of the author’s references are from past generations; hence they may not be applicable in the contemporary lifestyle (Ludewig, 37). For clarity and efficiency of his talk, the author gives out clear guidelines on where he acquired the quote, which makes his statements more sensible. Lastly, as the author gives guidelines according to writings from the past, he should also try to use the current writings as they affect the current generation directly.

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