The History of Africans




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History of Africans

When I talk about history of Africans, I mean what happened in Africa and her people in the past. History is about the lives of our ancestors, what they achieved and where they failed. Their behaviors, culture, and politics in the society they lived. Africa as a continent has its rich history. Colonization, slavery, the fight for independence by the Africans is the basics that create that make this history. The discussion of African history helps in understanding the motivations and the needs of the African people. Among the other continents there is not even a single continent that can provide the complexity of my continent Africa. Africa consists of very many different languages and tribes. Every tribe has its own history that differs a bit or totally to the history of another tribe (Asante, P2). My study and view of African history will be based on a common history of the whole continent. In the essay I will hence discuss on the history of Africa as a continent and its people.

Nature has divided Africa into various regions such as the forests, deserts, mountains, and valleys. These factors clearly affects the how people in the continent live, behave, and think of their relationship to the environment. Africans mostly depended on agriculture s their main survival activity. In the past, the deserts in Africa were very fertile with green vegetation and tall trees on them. The land had many rivers flowing in it. Fish were in abundance during the Stone Age period. Since there was no civilization, the Africans used tools made from stones, sticks and bones in their agricultural activities (Asante, P2).

The origin of human has been related to Africa, because most evidence of the early humanity has been found in the continent. The history of the origin of African humanity has been proved by the existence of human remains known as the fossil fuels. Early Africans were Ape-like and depended on hunting and gathering a lot (Asante, P17).It is believed that modern people emerged from Africa.Evolution of human species in Africa spread to the whole continent and the world leading to specialization of the new environment until races and different groups defined by languages emerged (Illife, P1).The knowledge of food production led to concentrations of people but slowly. Civilization started with the Africans as a result of their knowledge on food production. Due to food production, the Africans developed the skills to make tools and hence increased their knowledge from the bone and rock tools to use of metals.

In conclusion, African history shows how our ancestors came to existence and also explains the modern people. The history of Africa also explains the present day families and how they emerged. These are the pre-colonial and post colonial families. Where, families emerged as a result of invention, and Africans started living in family groups. It increased the knowledge of the Africans on advance living conditions. Reproduction increased the population concentration of Africans in specific regions. This led to the start of the age of literacy to the Africans where they started having heads of family and some sought of governing bodies (Asante, P52).

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