The Holy Grail of Peaceful Coexistence

The Holy Grail of Peaceful Coexistence


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Religion has created a great division between Christians and Muslims. It is unfortunate that people are judged by what they believe in in terms of religion but not on what they are. Religious differences have really created conflicts amongst different religions. It is apparent that there have been cases of genocide and negative perception towards different religion. Religion seems to have created rift in the society making one to wonder whether belonging to a certain religion is a crime.

Djenita Pasic grew up in a religiously diverse country, Yugoslavia, where she enjoyed peace because of the diversity but the fall of communism as well as the outbreak of the Bosnian War hugely changed her idea about religion and tolerance. She claims that she does identify herself by religion because what it tends to support is not practical. Pasic (2010) asserts that she likes the religious teachings but does not like the discriminatory nature of religion. The society in which

Pasic (2010) was brought up in a religious tolerant communist society and expected the peaceful coexistence would last forever but the society ended up suffering when the country was faced by religious conflicts. The conflicts made her join Islam and she says that what remains significant for her is promoting tolerant heritage and peaceful coexistence because she has experienced the holy grail of peaceful coexistence. There was genocide over Muslims and Pasic vows to defend and represent the many people who suffered the religious attacks. Pasic (2010) said that, “Because of genocide over Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I feel compelled and obliged to belong, to defend and represent hundreds of thousands of victims of this incomprehensible war”. Pasic believes that religion contributed to tribulations that her communist country faced especially the killing of Muslims.

It is indeed true that many people are intolerance of others simply because of religious differences. People belonging to one religion tend to force others to believe that their god or their belief is superior compared to others. This is hypocrisy because almost all religions do not act and do what they preach. I think love is a common virtue in all the religions but ironically, it is never shown or applied appropriately. Having a different viewpoint in life should not victimize an individual because there is freedom of worship. Currently, religion brings more problems in the world more than any other thing because of the differing beliefs and perception. Muslims complain of being discriminated in the Christian dominated countries and are always perceived to be terrorists. On the other hand, Christians have also had their unfair share of sufferings in the Islamic world.

Pasic’s support for peaceful coexistence is very critical. The society has not embraced the act of peaceful coexistence despite religious differences. It is not bad to belong to a specific religion as long as freedom of worship is given first priority. An individual should not force other people to join a religious group or discriminate against people belonging to another religion. Respect for other religions is critical for a peaceful world.


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