The Illuminati





The Illuminati

The infamous secret society “Illuminati” has been the central focus of the conspiracy theorists for many years. In numerous accounts, Illuminati has been termed as the puppet masters who control the strings of world events secretly, such as elections, revolutions, business monopolies, stock market crashes, among others. The vast majority of the researchers hold, to a varying degree of suspicion, the Illuminati lurk behind the scenes and influence secret agendas in the world. According to Dice (Pg. 1), Illuminati has a genuine historical foundation as Adam Weishaupt started it in 1776, Bavaria, Germany. Adam was inspired by French philosophy, more specifically the rational thought and secularism. So, he opted to protect those beliefs by forming an organization, and Adam considered joining the Freemasons as that would help him propagate his ideas and views. Unluckily, the Freemason admission fee was too much for him to afford, and he came up with the idea of forming a group of his and named it The Order of the Illuminati. The group had an anti-region stance, and they primarily focused on “free thought, self-improvement, self-knowledge, and free thought” (Pg. 2).

The focus of Illuminati’s ideas led to their abolishment in the mid to late 1780 as conservatives viewed them as a threat to the church. Active recruitment of individuals into secret societies was criminalized, thus stopped. Adam was accustomed to the idea that religious ideas were incapable of handling modern societies and could no longer offer an adequate belief system. Hence, it was a prerequisite for Adam to radicalize change by imposing a set of ideas and practices to the society through the Illuminati and change the European states’ governing system. Dice (Pg. 2) argues that the secret societies do not view the world’s unexpected events occurrences as expected, but aimed to suit the interests of specific individuals serving behind the scenes. The majority of the United States citizens knew nothing about Illuminati until the 21st century (Dice, Pg. 7). Often, individuals regard the “Illuminati bloodlines” as the ruling dynasty enclosed in the pyramid of power that rules the world (Dice, Pg. 37). Though not proven, two names have been propagated and deemed as Illuminati families who among themselves interbreed to retain their wealth and power among the ruling elite. Some familiar names include Rockefeller, Astor, Kennedy, Rothschild, DuPont, Bundy, Li, Freeman, Collins, and a few others.

The author wants the readers to resonate with him with the idea that, indeed, Illuminati exists in today’s’ world. According to Dice (Pg. 36), based on the names he claims are part of the Illuminati bloodlines, he believes that Illuminati are mostly the Jews, and they control the world. According to anticommunists, Illuminati is simply a group of communists who took over the world governance right after WWII. Dices give accounts of recent world events and often associate Illuminati as part of the current New World Order. Dice assumes that Illuminate aims to establish a single dominant world totalitarian government. The Illuminati influence in the world’s governments is presumed to go as high as the president of America. The author also touches other priorities of the Illuminati, such as Christianity destruction and that of the Monarchical government, nations’ collapse, the awakening of feminism to abolish family ties, and suppression of human rights.

To conclude, the author presumes that the readers of the article know little about the Illuminati society and how it operates. He clearly explains how it came to be, its mission, and how it influences our world today. In my opinion, the writer expects that every audience should resonate with his research. I would argue that his article has well-detailed information concerning the Illuminati, but at the same time, most of the data is based on assumptions and people’s propaganda. The motivation behind the writing of this article is basically to enlighten people about the Illuminati society, and his information is based on world events response.

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