The Impact of Covid-19

 The Impact of Covid-19

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Corona Virus has to the far extent affected each individual around the globe either directly or indirectly. Its effects we have felt them and seen on the television stations. Each morning we wake up to more devastating news concerning Covid-19; from the increasing number of infections to the abnormal numbers of deaths daily. People have been strained and now we have the new normal daily routine. All of a sudden the lifestyles have changed worldwide and the popular activities have been shut. The effects are worse than we would have imagined. This paper discusses in detail the impact of the coronavirus on people’s social, economic, and physical world.

To begin with, the social life of people has been disrupted. People can no longer go out to their favorite joints and share a meal or share a word. Motel, hotels, and pubs have been outlawed by the governments in power. Although this has not been done in bad faith, to protect people from contracting the coronavirus. The social distance between one person and the other has to be kept to minimize the chances of one contracting coronavirus. For instance, it’s no longer normal for us to go out with friends; we cannot have a chat, and perhaps play the favorite sport that we enjoyed. Coronavirus has technically limited the privilege to go out and share.

Secondly, the speedy spread of the coronavirus around the world has curtailed the freedom of worship of choice. Churches, temples, and mosques’ roles of spiritual growth have temporarily been denounced. People have been asked to worship from their homes. The sacred places of worship have lost their primary inspirational role to the dying souls. It is no longer safe to attend churches since the immediate neighbor can be a carrier of the coronavirus. For instance, at the beginning of the covid-19 spread; a large congregation at the Korean church contracted the coronavirus. This announced that not even sacred worship places are a haven we can run. We can no longer have choir practices face to face and favorite-church-programs have been shut. Maybe some people’s faith will need more than a single church service after the virus to return to normal. Coronavirus has reduced to minimal congregants’ interactions which help keep the faith.

Moreover, the daily routine and work have been disrupted. People no longer wake up to prepare to attend to their places of work. The students either their learning has been restricted to online studies. Nowadays the people have to get contented with the idea of working from home, temporary out of job, or on unwanted leave. The daily normal is not normal anymore. The government has advised that if able to, companies should allow their workers to work from home. Recently it was reported that close to three hundred thousand people have lost their jobs. The worst part is these people can’t go out in search of new jobs. People are struggling to put food on their table since most are on unpaid leave. Workplaces, employers, and employees have been massively affected. People have to learn a new way of survival.

Furthermore, the family has been the worst hit with all the due respect. The emotions of people at either workplace or other places depend on family. Families have lost the loved ones to covid-19; people can no longer have medical treatments abroad since the flights have been canceled. This has seen families watch their loved ones helpless. The families have been tortured. Also, it is the only family that is allowed for the burial of loved ones at the burial sites or sometimes the family is not involved. Without friends who will console at such difficult times families are broken.

Texas reopening for business is a good step to help the shrinking economy. However, I feel more precautions should be put in place so that the citizens can be protected from contracting covid-19.

In conclusion, the impact of the coronavirus has been felt by everybody whether directly or indirectly. The impact ranges from social, economic, and political. The new normal has been the order of the day. Financially, individuals cooperate, and states are in a quagmire. The families rarely get basic needs. The impact of covid-19 will surely make a new beginning, new cultures, and behavioral changes.