the journal Individualism- Collectivism and Social Capital Allick and Realo (2004)

Collectivism versus Individualism

Power Distance




Cultural changes have occurred across many societies of the world. Many communities have dropped their norms and assumed new or foreign ones. This has created cultural differences between traditional and modern communities. For example, many communities have switched from their traditional religions and assumed joined the major religions. The change in cultural practices is the main cause of change in cultural differences between many communities. The environment of the modern communities has also promoted certain personalities. An example of individualism.

In the journal Individualism- Collectivism and Social Capital Allick and Realo (2004) observed that individualism was associated with cultures in which collective ties were wobbly. In such societies, every member is expected to take care of personal issues and those of his or her immediate family. Allick and Realo (2004) observed that collectivism pertains to societies where people share common ties from birth and are expected to strengthen the bond between them throughout their life. This is not the case with UAE communities. Most of the communities however practice individualism. An example of such a community is UAE where everyone is concerned with himself and the immediate environs like relatives. The community has thus been biased whereby the poor keep getting poorer and the rich getting richer. The individual as also encouraged tribalism and racisms in UAE including in the government. We have witnessed case where government officials’ bride ways for their close relatives to enter certain positions and ranks. This is individualism in a way.