The motion picture 300,directed by a seasoned director Zack Snyder






The motion picture 300,directed by a seasoned director Zack Snyder, written by an experienced writer Frank Miller, talks about how a group of about 300 Spartans led by their king Leonidas (played by Gerard Butler) decided to confront the Persian army in combat of Thermopylae. The Persian army was under the command of Xerxes (played by Rodrigo Santoro). The combat was as a result of Leonidas’ rebuff in accepting the demands of the Persian army leader. King Leonidas and the Persians were able to keep the soldiers from reaching where they were for three days, and the Persians managed to keep off the Persian army by using a narrow passageway called the Hot Gates.

As the fighting was in process the king’s wife, Queen Gorgo (played by Lena Heady), was trying to persuade the Council of the Spartans to send more troops to go and assist the King, and the other Spartans who were fighting the Persian army. The council refused to allow more troops to and assist the King, saying he had gone into battle without the blessings from the Oracle. The King had broken the law by going into battle and, to bear the consequences. The Persians were on the verge of winning the battle, were it, not for the disloyalty of a man called Ephialtes. Ephialtes was unhappy by the refusal of King Leonidas, to allow him fight in the battle against the Persians because, of his malformation. He went to the head of the Persian army, and told Xerxes of another passage which they could use to attack the Spartans.

Throughout the battle, the Spartans knew that the chance of coming out of the battle alive was not there, but as their leader, King Leonidas told them. Even though they were going to be killed by the Persians in the battle, they were going to die defending their motherland, and their sovereignty which according to the King was an honorable death.

The standard, of the visual effects makes the movie to be splendid. The Imposing combat scenes are done in quick successions, but, at the same time the viewer has the chance to see the fighting techniques, which the Spartans male poses, through the use of slow motion. Apart from making use of a variety of video speeds, the Producer uses technology, specifically the CGI (computer-generated imagery), to amplify the appearance of the clothes, the sky, and the enormous numbers of the Persian army. The way the CGI has been used in the movie brings out the scenes exceptionally beautifully that some of the scenes can be mistaken for paintings, especially the colors of the sky, clothes, and the enormous Persian army led by Xerxes.


Finally, the use of violence in the movie is used to draw attention to the social, historical, or cultural realities. Violence is used so as to make more people aware of the forces that either shape or destabilize the world. The violence representation in the movie is significant with the chronological time of the movie. The director of the movie gives more than unrelenting violence as he takes time to explain the background of Leonidas, as a male Spartan whom was taught never to fear or accept defeat. What makes me more attracted to the movie is the way Leonidas lived. His bravery and love for his wife the queen, he also believed that all male and women in the Kingdom were equal. He proves this by saying to the Persian messenger, who was sent by Xerxes. That in Sparta every one is held accountable for his utterances right from him the King to the Messengers.