The Negative Use of Torture

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The Negative Use of Torture

Torture refers to the deliberate as well as the systematic dismantling of an individual’s individuality besides humanity by subjecting them to physical or emotional pain plus suffering. The main of torture is destroying a sense of community, elimination of some leaders for example from society or nation and also it is aimed at creating an environment of fear in a specific culture. Many adverse effects usually characterize the use of torture, and thus it should exist as a forbidden tactic in any war. It is not an adequate method of interrogation as it does not typically result in useful or straightforward information. For where torture is to be used, it has to be used ethically (Jervis, p.34). For example, it can exist as an effective mean of counter-attacking terrorists whereby it can be used in controlling them.

Moreover, when the terrorists are caught and found guilty of conducting some terrorists’ activities, torture can serve as a form of punishment. An excellent form of torture is rendition which can denote to the criminals, for example, terrorists being taken from one nation to another nation by extradition or by deportation. Also, it can refer to the method of holding individuals like criminals and then questioning them on foreign country whereby it will be hard for pesky convicts’ rights issues to come into the way (Sullivan, p.391). Under this situation, there is a high risk that the individual might be tortured or subjected to other ill-treatment and therefore, human rights act typically forbids the use of torture besides inhuman or demeaning treatment or chastisement.

The Rendition movie tends to explain this phenomenon well as it encompasses all these happenings of torture. In the film, there is a chemical engineer known as Anwar who the U.S government believes that he has some connections with some terrorist group, and when he is caught he is subjected under severe torture. Thus the whole movie is centered on torture. There exist several ways by which criminals like the terrorists are tortured by certain governments for example, in the film, “Eye in the Sky,” the drone technology is used to kill the terrorists whereby Katherine Powell who is a military officer leads an operation to capture terrorists. Drones are used to subject the terrorists under torture, but during their process of wiping out the terrorists, a young girl is killed. The killing of the young girl triggers an international dispute over the effects of drones in modern warfare.

Therefore due to the adverse consequences which drones have been attributed to having caused to humanity there usage and effectiveness in modern warfare remains a question. From ethical perspectives, the use of drones in warfare is not good for the well-being of individuals as it can also affect even the unintended group of people as with the case of the film, “Eye in the Sky.” The effects of drone attacks are usually worse, and therefore it should be discouraged especially as a form of torture towards the opponents.

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