A Boy Discovers that a Visitor from Outer Space is living in his House





A Boy Discovers that a Visitor from Outer Space is living in his House

Coming home from summer camp, Kyle found a strange-looking lady seated in the living room with a cup in her hand seeping some tea. With a surprised look in his face and still staring in her direction, the lady was quick to introduce herself. “I am the new nanny and I have been waiting for you to arrive” the lady said in a hoarse voice. Kyle knew he was old enough to take care of himself, but bringing a nanny was his mother’s decision and he know too well that her decisions were incontrovertible. He remembered what happened to him the last time he tried to abrogate her decision. He had to be punished for three weeks by being denied all special privileges including watching television and using the computer except for educational purposes.

Kyle greeted the nanny and went straight to him room to rest after the long journey. The nanny followed him there to see if there is anything he needed and may be getting to know Kyle better. This lady looked strange in every kind of way and Kyle wondered why his mother hired her in the first place. The nanny explained that she would be responsible of taking care of him ensuring that all his needs are met when his mother is away.

One week passed and Kyle was getting along well with the nanny. There was one thing though; Kyle felt like he was subjugate in the nanny’s presence. She had the power to make one do whatever she wanted. It was a scaring thing, but at the same time confusing. Kyle knew that he had an overactive imagination so he was quick to dismiss his thoughts at first.

One day, Kyle came to the house and the nanny was nowhere to be found. He searched the kitchen and other rooms in the house, and then he finally stumbled on a note on the kitchen counter in which the nanny explained that she had gone to the store to buy groceries. On his way to his room, a thought crossed his mind; he thought about entering the nanny’s room to find out what she could be hiding. Kyle was in disbelief upon opening the door to the room. There was a screen showing strange-looking creatures and something that looked like a satellite not to mention other things that Kyle had never seen before. There was a homogenous solution that was green in colour that appeared to be in motion. Scared beyond his little heart could hold, Kyle ran out of the room and went straight to his room where he used all possible means to lock himself in. The first thought was to call him mother and impeach on the nanny, but that would put him in more trouble because his mother would not believe him. He knew that the nanny was from out of space and could probably be thinking of abducting them or may be she was using their house as a place where she could make contact with all her alien friends.

Kyle knew that if he did not take action, then there would be an epiphany of aliens roaming the earth or worse yet, there mission was to destroy the entire human race. He would not want to see their home destroyed or their neighbour’s houses since the people living there had been living in peace since antebellum. Right there and then, he knew what to do; he would take pictures and send them straight to his mother via the internet using his computer. He hurriedly went back to the room taking care not to get caught by the nanny. After taking he went back to the room and tried to connect the computer with the digital camera via a cable. The internet connection was slower than usual and as he was patiently waiting for a connection, he had a loud bang at the front door. The nanny was here and the pictures had not been successfully sent. The pictures were still being displayed on the computer screen when he noticed that he had not locked the door. As he moved towards the door, it opened suddenly and there stood the nanny who could not miss the pictures being displayed on the computer screen.