The plight of the poor immigrant children

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The plight of the poor immigrant children


This text discusses about how the children of the poor countries come into the United States of America and how they go through a difficult time trying to find justice whereby in mot case they do not have attorneys to represent them. The context of this text is based on the amount of pain and the sufferings the poor children who are immigrants in USA go through and how they try to solve this along the laws developed concerning the issue of immigration in the United States of America. The subject being the kids is very touching and Egkolfopoulou brings the issue to the reader in a very clear manner while employing the three modes of persuasion in a great manner, i.e. pathos, logos and ethos.

The main aim of the text can be viewed for informative purposes which is intended later o lead to action which can change the situation at hand and make the immigrants who mostly as discussed are kids have better environment and fair treatment when they face the courts of law especially those without representation by an attorney as they are displayed to be the ones who go through a lot of suffering in contrast to those who are represented. The aim is conjoined to the aim of trying to bring about legal and other types of action to protect the minors therefore the author has in mind that this information will make many people feel pity and have mercy for the poor kids and therefore he wants to use this and inspire action for a change in the policies which govern immigration. Through the change of policies the children will be supported and will have a better life thus their rights protected and upheld.

The essay can be summarised as one of the touching stories about the plight of minors who are faced with a situation which they cannot handle on their own therefore they are in need of legal justice and consideration. These kids just like any other human person require justice and therefore they should not be denied their rights even if they are not represented by an attorney in court. Therefore this text discusses about the injustices heaped upon minors and the manner in which the author of this text brings out this injustice making sure the reader gets every clear details of this issue.

“Content discussion”

The development of the text is seen to be a very well connected and logically planned series of events which lead the reader to a conclusion which is a culmination of the story whereby there is seen some hope for the kids as he indicates that, “Sometimes Marks, the San Francisco judge, takes off her judicial robe to make them feel comfortable.” This is a sign of hope but then again on the other side he indicates that the cases are rising every day and as of august 2017 the cases of that similar types were more than 90,000 which brings in questions on when and how will they be solved or will it be another problems to deal with. The write uses description, illustration, description, comparison, argumentation etc for developing the story and making sure it makes sense as well as have a great impact on the reader.

The fact that the author is a journalist of Bloomberg news in New York City gives him credibility that he can be believed. The manner in which he employs language is also considered ethos and therefore he can be trusted from his representation of different issues which he talks about. Egkolfopoulou is very informed about the plight of the immigrant minors as he gives clear examples and also has statistics to present the audience about the whole issue of how the immigrant minors have issues with authorities and therefore this is considered logos. He also summons the feelings of the reader by presenting the situation of the immigrants and therefore through this he achieves pathos.

The text tries to avoid mistakes and weaknesses of any kind. However there are assumptions made in the text however they are in a clear manner. For example there is the assumption that there are minors who immigrate into USA without being recorded or being noticed “these numbers don’t account for children who may have crossed into the country unnoticed.” The text employs fair assumptions like the one stated above.


Language used is one of the central points that focus on the reader and it makes the development and telling of the story in the best manner possible. Even though language is intertwined with other types of styles it still remains one of the basic and fundamental styles. The tone of the language used can be termed as merciful and informative. The writer uses this not only to pass information but to call for action. Figurative speech is also used to some extent and this adds to the desire and the will to achieve the goals of the text. The paragraphs are well arranged and short each introducing a different thing even if a continuation of the issues talked about in the paragraph above it. The sentences are also concise and they make the reader have the ability to understand the issue of immigrant children in a clear manner.


In this text there can be seen a very well developed story of the manner in which children who illegally migrate into USA are treated by the authorities and how their issues are addressed. The text has achieved its purpose in a lot of ways. It can be termed as effective on the issue of message delivery as well as appealing to the audience try to be in the shoes of the suffering children and to be try to see the possible solutions to the issues the children face.

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