Chapter 4 Mastering Self-Management





College Student Success

Chapter 4: Mastering Self-Management

I choose this chapter because I understand the importance of self-management. I am also aware self-management has been the skills that I have not been able to master while I know very well that I should. Everybody that is successful in every aspect of life has one thing in common, and that is excellent self-management skills. The core skills that a successful person should have included being able to manage one’s commitments and time. Generating the motivation and capacity to learn new things individually in support of whatever one is engaging in be it work or education. Self-management ultimately enables on to build a personal network.

I learned that working on something else when according to my schedule I should be engaging in some other piece of work no matter how important that thing I am working on is compared to what I have put aside is not ideal and erodes the value of the schedule. I learnt that planning is key to everything including being successful. Self-management is about being aware of my talents and putting them to good use. The opposite of self-management is being unorganized. Being unorganized involves being untidy.

I learnt that I am a huge procrastinator and that is the biggest enemy to good self-management. I learnt that not putting my papers and in a manner that is organized means I am poor in self-manage and I am an untidy person in that aspect. I also realized I had bad behaviors that I was not aware of and thought that was just part of life.

Self-management is a topic that allows students to identify the problems that hinder them from developing positive skills in daily life. Being able to plan well reduces unnecessary fatigue and enables a student to anticipate the next assignment. Self-management management can help a student juggle through all the important tasks in their life and ensure nothing is out of place. Being able to handle every crucial piece of work and on time is what translates to success.

Chapter 6: Gaining Self-Awareness

I choose this chapter because I feel it has been the most helpful and has allowed me to interact with my subconscious. It is very eye-opening to know that there are intentions that one does without being aware of them which led them to make choices that sabotage their success. This topic has also a great connection with Self-management as it also involves planning and taking effective actions.

I learnt that there are self-defeating habits in the subconscious that hinder the success of students with great potential. This is called self-sabotage and involves making choices that go against the objectives one has set and dreams. Learning that people can be their own greatest obstacle is very fascinating. I learnt that the first and most important thing is accepting self-responsibility. Learnt about the scripts that one should be aware of and rewrite them if some derail us from the course.

I learnt that I am lucky enough to be positive. I also became aware of my ability to empower myself and overcome outdated scripts that do not add to my life in a way that is positive. I also learnt that I do not take too much of my energy focusing on issues that pull me back and do not give such things space in my life which is a pretty amazing attribute.

By being aware of self-defeating habits, students are able to change the narrative and consequently their life for the better. Students can plan self-consciously by prioritizing time to research better habits and aspects that add to their lives.

I believe that I do pretty well in this area. However, I am the kind of person that believes in their being space for improvement in everything. Life is about getting better and better and since I am not yet where I should be I believe that I am still growing and improving in this area is crucial.