Colleen’s and Alysha’s


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Short Story Using Legal Terms

Colleen’s and Alysha’s Nightmare

Alysha and Coleen had been friends for a long time. After ten years of friendship, they seemed more like sisters than friends. They were roommates and they supported each other through good and bad times. Coleen and Alysha had just gotten off work on a Friday evening and as usual, went home to relax and get ready for the long weekend that lied ahead of them. They grabbed a 6 pack of Busch beer and sat on their balconies as they enjoyed the night as they watched the television. Then all of a sudden, something interesting happened. On the television, there was a documentary about the legendary NFL football star and actor named OJ Simpson and his 1995 murder trial that was deemed as the trial of the century where he was charged with the murder of his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman. Although Simpson was later acquitted of the murder, the case had turned into a media frenzy and it changed his life completely. They found themselves discussing the details of this famous case. Alysha and Coleen were never the type of people to discuss matters to do with politics or current affairs but for some reason, on this particular night, they found themselves even talking about President Donald Trump and why he was the most controversial president of his time. After an evening of bonding and talking, the two grabbed their pillowcases went to bed, and called it a night.

The following day was a Saturday and they had been invited for a day yacht party as it was during summertime. Since the party was going to be in a neighboring city, the plan was that they would go to their friends house who lived close to the beach and they would go to the party together. The two ladies were up early and prepared themselves and set out for their friend’s house. Upon reaching there, the place was packed with people. People were having fun, dancing, drinking, and socializing. Alysha and Coleen blended with the crowd pretty well as some of the people there were known to them. Then all of a sudden, an argument between Coleen and one of the men ensued. His name was Christopher. Christopher had misplaced his phone and accused Coleen of stealing it. He began ranting and approached Collen with a full fist punching her in the face. Alysha was in another room and she heard Colleen creaming. She rushed to her aid and when she saw that her friend had been assaulted, she confronted Christopher. Christopher gave her the middle finger and walked away. Collen’s nose was bleeding and she lie helpless on the floor. Alysha made a 911 call and asked for help. As they waited for the police to arrive, Coleen lost continuousness and Alysha could not bear seeing her in that state. She looked outside and saw a Honda Civic parked outside. She yelled for the owner and borrowed the car and rushed her friend to the nearest hospital. After Coleen was treated they reported the matter to the police who located the suspect and took him to jail. Coleen was afraid of pushing forward with the case because she was barely 21 and she was afraid of being on the bad side of the law. But Alysha and her other friends were her lucky charms. They stood by her and she was in luck because she had not been drinking that night.

The police officers visited her in the hospital and collected the necessary information from her concerning her battery ordeal. They asked about her relationship with the perpetrator and Alysha explained that there was no relationship since they had just met at the party. Alysha also reported the assault she had suffered at the hands of Christopher in an attempt to rescue her friend. The police noted the information down and promised to stay in touch. After a few days, Alysha and Coleen were informed there will be a preliminary hearing where the accused will make their first appearance where the court will read the charges and constitutional rights o the accused. Afterward, a hearing was set in five days where the matter would be decided by a judge. There would be no need for a grand jury because the assault was not a felony. On the material day of the trial, the judge charged Christopher with a 2nd-degree misdemeanor and also directed a withhold of adjudication. Additionally, Christopher had to part with $4,000 as bond or risk going to jail for one year.