The demand for plastic surgery among the teens have been on the rise over the past few years.


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The demand for plastic surgery among the teens have been on the rise over the past few years. Plastic surgery does not seem to lose popularity in the present generations. According to the new data that has been issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons makes a revelation that the American teens who are seeking out for the cosmetic surgeries and augmentations have been on the rise (Sales, 2016). In the year 2016, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported having worked on over 17 million surgical operations. Besides the surgical operations, the association reported that they had performed minimally invasive procedures that included laser hair removal and chemical peels. Breast augmentation claimed the highest spot for the second year in a row with more than 290,000 procedures that were conducted to teens. According to the recently released information, there has been a growing number of cosmetic surgeries that focus on the face among the teens and this type of surgery has topped up the list for the first time.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons research suggests that patients prefer a more natural ingredient in their plastic surgery for the removal of fat. The minimally invasive cosmetic injections among the teens were on the rise and increased by 13 percent in the year 2016 (Maas, 2016). Besides, the fats graft in the buttocks become popular as well in the same year 2016 taking unto 26 percent rise. Breast augmentations that used fat injections took the largest proportion of 72 percent jumps in a year. The surgeons conducting the cosmetic surgery harvest the patient’s unwanted fats from the regions such as the abdomen through the use of liposuction and then inject it to areas that the patient wants the adjustments.

According to Dr. Debra Johnson, the president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the injection rejuvenates and lifts the areas such as the face, breasts and the buttocks. Newer procedures that focus on the removal of fat in less invasive ways and to which are affordable may have accounted to the increase in the cosmetic surgery among the teens in the year 2016. Fat freezing is among the invasive ways that increased by 5 percent. The noninvasive skin tightening procedures to which are targeted to the fat pockets with the aim of tightening the sagging skinned also saw a rise of 5 percent in the year 2016. An increase of 18 percent was witnessed among the fat-targeting injections to which are often used in the reduction of fat pockets in the area such as the chin. Some of the teens want to move fats from one part of the body to another while others entirely wish to eliminate the fats out of their bodies and this can be attributed to the rising demand for the cosmetic surgery among the teens. In connection to fat removal, liposuction took the second position on the list of the common plastic surgeries in the year 2016 with more than 235,237 procedures being carried out on teens and people of almost the same age (Niamtu, 2018).

Among the top list of the cosmetic surgical procedures among the teens, spots three, four and five took a common theme that included the change of face. The eyelid and nose reshaping surgeries contributed to 2 percent of the facial surgeries in the year 2016 (Heyes, 2016). Facelifts a facial procedure that had fallen in the previous year got to hold and rose to the fifth position in the year 2015 with a 4 percent increase. The same theme of facial change followed for noninvasive, or the minimally invasive procedures as the numbers of these procedures rose unto 15 million in the year 2016. Botulinum toxin type-A injections took the top position with more than 7 million procedures indicating a rise of 4 percent from 2015.

The trend on the need for cosmetic surgery among teens has increased, and this has been contributed to factors related to self-image and self-esteem. The social media on the other side has not be left behind as it is the contributing factor to lowered self-images that prompt the teens to tend to look more better and therefore attempt to seek for the cosmetic surgeries without considering the repercussions. Fat removal procedures and face lifting have been among the cosmetic procedures that have attracted a large number of teens over the past years, and the trend is seemingly alarming in the present and is projected to increase further in future.


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